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SeenCMP (Seen Communication Management Platform)

SeenCMP is Seen Technology’s cloud-based digital communication management platform. It:

  • Flexibly delivers engaging video content

  • Is low cost to operate

  • Scales to the largest networks

  • Is easy to use

  • Has local support

  • Is customisable and easy to integrate.

Content Management Capabilities

  • Flexible use of content – play a wide variety of image and video formats

  • Access control – users can be assigned roles to view, manage the library, or manage content on media players for flexible and secure access 

  • Media player management – media players can be grouped (and different users provided access) in a hierarchy – e.g. by state, country, region, or by brand – and the same content simply distributed to a group

  • Remote Access – manage content via a web-browser from anywhere.

  • News and weather widgets – include live news and  weather

  • Scheduling – schedule updates to play  immediately, at a specified time or for a specific date band (e.g. 15 Aug to 15 Sept). Limit to days (e.g.. Saturdays only), and automatically change at different times of day.

  • Screen Partitioning – split a screen into multiple sections and assign content to a screen section

  • Comprehensive reporting so that you can see what is going on with any screen at anytime.

Advanced Capabilities

SeenCMP Screenshots
SeenCMP Screenshots

​More advanced capabilities can be activated, including  

  • Interactivity – touch screens to allow the client to interact with the content

  • Social Media integration – configure your displays to include social media content 

  • Dynamic Menus – Menu displays based on POS data, including store based out-of-stock item management. 

  • Weather-based targeting -  automatically adjust content based on the local weather

  • Advanced displays such as linked multi-screen TV Trees

  • Live Streaming – control and integration of live streaming devices 

  • Directory and Wayfinding Modules – simple management of building directories and wayfinding; scaling up to the most complex wayfinding applications

  • Something Else? We can customise to your requirements

Contact us now on 1300 52 33 49, or online.

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