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Food Service, Pubs, Clubs and Entertainment Venues

Seen Technology's wide range of capabilities uniquely positions us in support of  entertainment and food service venues.

Seen Technology deliver digital menu board solutions for many QSR chains and pubs and clubs, as well as digital promotional posters. Our digital  signage platform provides all the management features needed for easy management of large networks of menuboards, such as day parts, multi-day playlists, pricing integration, and interactive solutions (such as weather  driven promotions). With our interactive capabilities we can implement self-service ordering kiosks, or in-store support for loyalty or customer feedback programs.

Bottleshops can use the same powerful content management engine, while our range of physical display capabilities (across LED for outdoor displays, 3D Holograms for maximum impact, battery powered displays to get displays where they have the most impact) mean your messaging has the highest chance of success. For entertainment venues, our large, high resolution LED  screens make great sports screens and support general promotional messaging, indoors and outdoors.

Our 3D Holograms are ideal for gaming venues, attracting attention and adding 'wow' factor.

While we can deliver solutions for individual venues, we are the perfect partner for operators of a network of venues, with our cloud-based platform and support network offering the capability to easily manage your network.   

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