LED Digital Screens

Seen Technology is a leading provider of LED screens including:

  • LED screens, indoor and  in-window

  • Outdoor LED screens and pylons

  • Super-sized video and sports screens

  • Transparent LED displays

  • Specialist LED displays including curved, with right-angle corners, or custom shape.

Seen Technology are experts in LED digital signage, We can provide expert advice on the right LED screen for you, supply, install, and support displays across Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia. Talk to us about big screen video. 

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Dominic Feik: 0432 389 930 or  dominic@seentechnology.com.au

Through SeenCMP, the Seen Communication Management Platform, Seen Technology offers a user-friendly, cloud-based  content management platform. From a browser anywhere, manage screen content for one screen or screens around the world.

SeenCMP delivers enterprise-level capability and security, for managing your digital screens. Our user-focussed interface allows you to schedule images and videos, manage layouts, schedule updates, and even have displays that change automatically in response to the weather. 

LED screens can also be set up for live TV and sports screens in pubs, clubs and other entertainment venue.

Content Management

Seen Technology offers unmatched expertise in customer engagement and place-based digital communication so we can advise you on the right display technology and supporting control capability. 

We design and fabricate housings and mountings, and have installation capabilities throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, facilitating deployments on any scale.

Our support network boasts multi-national coverage, a rapid-response helpdesk and ongoing support for all clients.



Unit C1, 28 Rogers St, Port Melbourne, VIC, 3207 
Accounts / Administration Phone: 0450 597 395


Renee Petale 0402 303 972 renee@seentechnology.com.au
Dominic Feik 0432 389 930 dominic@seentechnology.com.au

Kerry Beer 0419 307 955 kerry@seentechnology.com.au

Nichlas Damilatis  0402 086 323   nicholas@seentechnology.com.au


phone: 1300 52 33 49 (1300 LCD FIX)

email: helpdesk@seentechnology.com.au




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