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Why Us

Why Us?

Because you want High Impact visual communication.

LED digital  sign
LED display signage
programmable LED signs

We deliver customised, innovative, and integrated communication solutions; created using world-leading technology; supported by a customer-focussed, professional service.

Seen Technology has deep experience in running large scale digital signage networks across Australia, New Zealand  and South East Asia.

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What we do

Enterprise Digital Signage

Compelling Visual Products

Seen Technology offer products including 

  • LED Screens

  • Mobile and battery powered digital displays

  • Transparent and Holographic LED displays

  • Outdoor Digital Signage

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How We Work

How We Work

We work across the full life cycle of visual communications – from concept through delivery to support.

We start with deep expertise in customer engagement, visual communication, and relevant technologies; as well as understanding how this interacts with business strategy. This enables us to conceptualise and design solutions that are right for your business.

We then bring together the project management, hardware engineering, creative design, software development and service capabilities needed to deliver your project.

LED window signs
3D hologram
3D printing
digital menu board
  • Digital Signage

Support Services 

Seen Technology provides the full range of support services required to reliably operate retail digital signage and in-store digital communication. This includes: 


- Helpdesk 

- Installation services

- Onsite support

- System monitoring

- Content management services

- Content design and development services

We have coverage to all areas of Australia, as well as key international markets required by our clients.


We establish service level agreements with our clients, and then manage and monitor to these standards. This provides certainty to our clients around the level of support they will receive, as well as visibility of performance. All support activities are managed through a cloud-based incident management system, providing for reliable and and traceable service. 

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